The Altame Superfamily

“It's sort of my digital Handwriting!” —Moritz

Altame is a comprehensive TypeFace Family originally designed for blogs, and developed into an extensive learning experience.

Altame currently has no distribution channel, if you would like a copy, or if you would like further information, please send an email to sayhi ( at )

Download/Version History u

This TypeFace and its server are currently going through some changes. Methods of acquisition will appear here when proper channel of distribution opens.

28. September 2015
  • Altame and Altame Slab (Regular and Bold only): Version 2.0. Rest: Version 1.9
  • Re-spaced Altame and Altame Slab based on more consistent math.
  • Separated Beta Fonts by naming them BETA_fontname.
  • Worked on Altame Sisterfont “Wegeleitschrift”, to be released at a future Date.
24. September 2015
  • All parked domains (,,, etc.) now @import this font.

The Altame Name u

The name Altame didn't come out of nowhere, and here is a little history of the name:

The first version of the TypeFace was called “Zettwiezimmer”. After many revisions, it eventually ended up something like “Zettwiezimmer Alternate”. Since names like “Zettwiezimmer Zwei Alternate Regular Bold” are not exactly catchy, or functional, I shortened it “Alt” for development purposes. I noticed a lot of premium TypeFace on the web use the ending “Pro”, so I played with the thought for a while to name the TypeFace “Alt Pro”. Since this was (and isn't) nowhere near a Pro Font, I thought maybe “Alt Amateur” would be an appropriate name. Hence: Altama came to mind.

An Internet search destroyed that name though: I have and wish no association with the company that operates under that name. Plus showing it to a few people, everyone seemed to always want to read “Alabama”, also not something I am associated with.

And so the last step was to play with the vowels until I had something that sounded cool, was unique and looked nice. Since my favourite letters are the lowercase “a” and “e”, and they very much define the feel of the TypeFace, what could be more perfect than:


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