altame specimen altame specimen altame specimen altame specimen
Important Illustration Ahead
Brechstange 7
Correspondence is important to little froglets

Altame Antiqua
...coming soon!
Ganz wichtig: Heute um zehn nach Hause kommen
Eine falsche Idee
365 Days of the year
Der Kern Kemptens
Altame Sans, humanist
with clean, open and cool
shapes, for a modern
& unique personality.
Altame is excellent for
the web, blogs & articles.
Altame Expanded, not only in width
but also in the broad range of availble
widths and styles.

Altame Expanded comes in 7 weights,
from Hairline to Black, with Italics.
Altame delivers clear readability, and
unmistakable style.
Altame Condensed,
3 weights & italics
for tight situations!
Altame Slab was designed
to work for longer bodies
of text in environments
where space is an issue.
Slightly compressed, and
just thick enough to be
legible without looking fat.
a font family by Moritz Zimmer
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